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 After We Fell release Date; Do Tessa and Hardin get back together? 22-07-2021 
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After We Fell is the upcoming volume of Tessa and Hardin’s love story. A new trailer just has dropped in by Voltage Picture having all of the tantalizing and tense moments of their love. Their love and romance have been put to the test in the trailer of the film. The trailer is showing that Tessa and Hardin are coming back with a romance-based story. “After” is a film series and this is the third installment of the series. After We Fell Anna Todd’s adapted from his fictional series of new adults.

Sharon soboil adapted the script and Castille Landon directed this movie. He has also chosen to return for the forthcoming After Ever Happy adaption. A group of producers serves themselves for production such as Jennifer Gibgot, Brian Pitt, Aron Levitz, Mark Canton, and Courtney Solomon.

After We Fell Cast

In the company of Langford and Fiennes Tiffin, the film cast include Louise Lombard, Frances Turner, Rob Estes, Arielle Kebbel, Carter Jenkins, Chance Perdomo, Kiana Maderia, Mira Sorvino. While Stephen Moyer replacing Charlie Weber.

Is there a Movie After We Fell?

Yes, the After We Fell series is the third installment in the previous volumes of “After”. In which Tessa and Hardin’s relationship went through different tests. But this volume through light on new conflicts as Tessa enters a new period of her life. This new period; motivates Hardin’s jealousy to a fever pitch.

Tessa was just out of college and want to go to Seattle to start a dream job. But Tessa was forced to sacrifice her dream in the name of passion she shared with Hardin. Then another decision was coupled with sacrifice and the situation became more complicated with the return of her father. Soon a shocking revelation regarding Hardin’s family came to her knowledge.

Trailer of After We Fell

The trailer depicts that Tessa seems tempted to stray from Hardin. Because she starts to flirt with a handsome waiter Robert. He looks like a safe refuge from the tenuous situation brew between the couple. The film will release on 30 September in the U.S. The trailer is showing some romantic glimpse of the film, tense conversation, and also referencing that the film is based on After We Fell book.

By judging the sneak peek of the trailer it seems that Tessa and Hardin will encounter some rocky romantic moments. At the start of the trailer, Tessa has been shown weighing her ways regarding the move to Seattle and waiting that Hardin will follow her or not. Unluckily the trailer reveals that Hardin has his own post-grad plans. These scenes between the couple indicate some serious decisions and even tears.

The preview of the trailer has words flashes between scenes depicting what will happen. These word flashes have wording such as Love will be tested, Loyalty will be questioned and Life will never be the same. These words flashes communicate that something would go down. The trailer gives below and VVS Films has its credit.
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