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 Dolphins: Way of life 03-12-2021 
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Dolphins: Way of life

Dolphins swim very fast and usually hunt at shallow diving depths, coming to the surface several times per minute to catch their breath. They prefer mainly medium-sized fish (including flying fish) as food. Exceptions are, for example, the round-headed dolphins, they hunt mainly squid, which are ten-armed cephalopods - can i pay someone to do my homework . Or the killer whale, which as an aggressive predator also has sea lions, birds and other whales on its menu.

Dolphins are considered very social, living together in groups ("schools") of 20 to several 100 animals, and the groups in which they live together are subject to a clear hierarchical structure - . In the wild, these whales are very active and playful, often accompanying ships over long distances and riding the bow waves caused by the ships for hours. In captivity, these animals are very difficult to keep.


The gestation period for dolphins is 9-16 months - . The young are born with 75-100 cm length. In pilot whales, for example, the gestation period for a young is actually 16 months and the calf is suckled by the mother for a full year.

Males and females are very difficult to tell apart in dolphins. In fact, the only way to clearly tell the sex is to see their underside. The female has the anal opening right at the genital slit and then next to the genital slit are the two teats for suckling. In the male, on the other hand, the anal opening is further away from the genital slit.

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