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 Features of Roots vacuum pump 30-04-2020 
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Roots vacuum pump is a kind of pump caused by two "8-shaped" relative rotating rotors, which causes volume change to produce vacuum, so it is also called positive displacement pump. During operation, it is necessary to have a continuous contact line at the point where the rotor of the pump is required to engage, so as to prevent gas from flowing back from the vent to the vacuum pump. Therefore, it is necessary to check the engagement of the two rotors frequently during operation. With the extension of construction time, the impeller has been worn for a long time, and restricted by the directional rotation, forming the non-uniformity of meshing space between the two impellers, and even collision, making the impeller appear a circular and solitary external depression.

1. It is necessary to install roots vacuum pump in a dry, well ventilated and clean place.

2. The ambient temperature of Roots vacuum pump is 5-40 ° C.

3. Roots vacuum pump has necessary horizontal device, and there should be enough space around for daily inspection and maintenance, so it is easy to install and disassemble.

4. After connecting the power supply, the direction of the motor shall be as shown by the direction arrow on the pump.

5. It is necessary to clean the pipes connecting the pumping vessel. There should be no impurities and other foreign matters, the diameter of the hole should not be less than the diameter of the pump port, and the length should be short to ensure that it has enough conductivity, and the pipe connection is necessary to seal.

6. It is necessary for the gas to be pumped to be free of solid particles entering the pump room.

Therefore, the two impeller rotors are worn in different degrees in terms of outer diameter and length, and the gap between the impeller rotor and the shell is also increased. Therefore, the vacuum degree of Roots vacuum pump is reduced, and the time is large and small. It is necessary to adjust and adjust the clearance between the impeller and the clearance between the end cover and the pump housing in time.

Roots Vacuum Pump

Piston Vacuum Pump

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 Re:Features of Roots vacuum pump 07-05-2020 
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The primary attributes of roots vacuum siphon

High siphoning speed over a wide weight territory (1~1 x 104Pa).

There is no oil in the siphon chamber to keep away from oil fume polluting the vacuum framework.

Little vibration, little commotion.

The mechanical contact misfortune is little, so the driving influence is little. Genuine Leather Men Vests


What ZJ had arrangement roots vacuum siphon is a sort of immaculate structure of positive removal siphon, it exploit is the lower the bay weight has high extraction rate, and can arrive at the constraints of moderately high vacuum, because of the siphon legitimately ACTS on the extraction of the fundamental parts, for example, siphon shell, no presentation to relative movement among rotor and end spread, so the siphon running stable exhibition and long assistance life, support cost is little, At present, this siphon is generally utilized in vacuum purifying, vacuum welding, vacuum throwing, vacuum splashing, vacuum drying, vacuum power test, synthetic and pharmaceutical, electric vacuum gadget producing and other vacuum treatment in the vacuum run that this siphon can accomplish.
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Thanks for sharing this piece of information. I really enjoyed it. keep up the good work and all the very best of luck!

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