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 water jet vacuum unit working principle 30-04-2020 
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Water jet vacuum unit (also known as jet vacuum pump, jet vacuum pump, jet pump, jet pump, water jet, jet, vacuum jet,)

Principle of water jet vacuum unit: a vacuum obtaining device that uses fluid to transfer energy and quality, uses water flow with certain pressure to spray out through nozzles symmetrically and evenly distributed into a certain side slope, and converges on a focus. Because of the high velocity of jet water, the pressure energy is changed into velocity energy, which reduces the pressure in the suction area and creates a vacuum. A number of high-speed water flows will be grabbed by the aspirated gas, which will be fully mixed and compressed through the contraction section of Venturi tube and throat diameter to exchange the molecular diffusion energy, and the velocity will be balanced. In the expansion section, when the velocity is reduced and the pressure is increased, the non condensable gas will be released when the pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure and injected into the water storage tank (pool) from the outlet. Water is recycled by centrifugal pump to complete suction process.

Application of water jet vacuum unit: it is mainly used in vacuum suction process of various industries, such as material absorption and transportation, condensation, distillation and evaporation, concentration, decolorization and deodorization, oxygen supply and deoxidization, dry crystallization and filtration, chemical absorption, tail (waste) gas neutralization, vacuum pumping, vacuum modeling and other processes. It is widely used in light industry, chemical industry, chemistry, pharmacy, vacuum smelting, sugar making, salt making, monosodium glutamate, chemical fiber, paper making, food, plastic rubber, ceramics, large and medium hospitals, vacuum brick making, foundation pit dewatering, drainage, petroleum, environmental protection and other industries.

Structural features of water jet vacuum unit: the water jet is composed of pump cover, pump body, orifice plate and Venturi tube. It is made of cast iron, carbon steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), reinforced polypropylene (PPR), glass fiber plastic composite and stainless steel. The orifice plate is made of molded epoxy phenolic resin, and the nozzle is made of polytetrafluoroethylene (commonly known as plastic king). Can adapt to different working environment and requirements. It can directly suck high concentration corrosive gas, inflammable and explosive gas, various liquids and granular media, and it can be used in environmental protection, tail gas absorption, dust reduction, environmental pollution improvement and working conditions, etc. it has incomparable advantages of mechanical vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump.

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