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 Why You Need To Dry Your Herbs? 30-12-2021 
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Keep in mind a lot of people feel herbs change in flavor when dried, but really the dried version tends to offer more of a punch per ounce. It's a slightly different flavor since fresh tastes, well, greener. That doesn't mean dry herbs should be ignored. There are a lot of uses for dried herb. Medicinal plants dryer must be needed when you dry your herbs.

ECO Farm 5 Layers Stainless Steel Medicinal Plants Dryer Machine


SAFE: The bottom-mounted fan and heating element provide constant air flow for optimum drying. No rotation needed. Adjustable thermostat and high quality recipes ensures medicinal plants are dehydrated at their optimal temperature and crispiness.

HerbsNOW Dryer Portable Leaf Dryer Machine


How long does it take to dry medical plants? Typically it can take a week or more until it’s fully dried. Not to mention, drying takes up a lot of valuable space. Space that could be used to expand your grow

A better way, the way, results in bud that is perfectly dried every time. All while retaining the terpenes, flavor, and THC content that you’re looking for.

I recommend you to choose the first one, although the second one is also not bad. There are also many other eco farm dryer machine, welcome to visit our official website:
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