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 Tunnel Rush - Race with the space tunnel 29-11-2021 
Joined: 23-04-2024
Interested in high-speed games? tunnel rush will bring you all the feelings you desire!

It's a very fast-paced 1st person flying type where you are continuously having to dodge objects which are stationary at first, but soon begin to move as the levels progress. Also, you're speed increases with each new level. The only control is by using your thumbs to either dodge left or right to avoid hitting anything. Cool game!
Join us and see how far you can go!
 Re:Tunnel Rush - Race with the space tunnel 13-12-2021 
Joined: 23-04-2024
Your comments on the forum are very reasonable, hope you add comments to the run 3 website for us to improve further, and thank you for your comments.
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