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 About the Hunt All Mountain H_Impact Carbon wheels 12-05-2021 
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About the Hunt All Mountain H_Impact Carbon wheels

The H_Impacts balance a lot of things in one wheelset. They are meant to be stiff yet compliant, lightweight, affordable, and durable. Hunt worked with a few gravity athletes to develop the wheels, as is usually the case for product development, and went through three different versions before landing on the right one. Finally on the fourth version, Hunt found a layup that worked.To get more news about carbon mtb rim, you can visit zpebicycle official website.

The front and rear rims have independent layups. The rim weight on a 27.5 front is a claimed 460g, and the rear weighs 530g. Hunt saved weight on the front rim by using less material, and a 28 triple butted spoke count for better compliance.

In the rear, there is more dense carbon fiber layup with 32 spokes, for a tougher, more impact resistant rear wheel. Both rims have a hookless design, with an internal width of 28mm.As for material, Hunt used unidirectional T24/30 with 3K weave reinforced spoke holes. The sidewalls are thicker for impact protection and the V:Absorb resin is said to reduce vibration. The resin cures at a lower temperature than other carbon fibers and should have a greater resistance to impact.

Hunt also makes their own hubs, and the RapidEngage hubs on the H_Impacts have a snappy 3° of engagement. They come in Boost spacing only and have double sealed cartridge bearings. On the inside, there are six individual MultiPawls, to get to that tight engagement number.

Hunt also paid close attention to the spokes and went with triple butted J-bend Pillar spokes, made from Sandvik T302 stainless steel. These have more material at the spoke head, before the bend, where J-bends often fail.For an additional $260, Hunt is selling a 29er version of the wheelset with oil slick Ti-Nitride spokes (yes, please). The coating should also improve wear and corrosion resistance because of its micro hardness.

All said and done, my 29er H-Impact wheels weighed 1,850g, a few grams off of the claimed 1,878g, safe inside the ballpark of the carbon wheelset world.

It is important to note that there are weight limits on the Hunt H_Impact carbon wheels. Hunt says that if riders are over 240lbs, then a mechanic should check the wheels regularly, and it is a better idea to run tires at a max 40psi. The limit they recommend for riders is 264lbs, which may be a deal breaker for some.
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