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 Mag-ingat sa at LUMAYO ! 13-04-2021 
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Mag-ingat sa at LUMAYO !

  Kamakailan lamang, ang WikiFX Exposure Platform ay nakatanggap ng isang reklamo tungkol sa isang FX Broker na Ano ang nangyari sa broker na ito?Ang broker na ito ay isang scam?Hinahayaan natin itong malaman.To get more news about broker, you can visit official website.

Last year in February I've been robbed for 10k Euro dealing with a fraud broker. Trying to find a solution to make up the loss, I've come across and their account manager Dante Lynch. Dante Lynch presented the offer of completely safe and secure trading on the behalf of the client.

  I made an agreement with about investing with them but only with fixed monthly withdrawals. Nothing was scam alike except that they didn't want to provide any contract, their trading licence and didn't want to provide a physical address in London. Dante said there was no problem with sending fixed monthly withdrawals because they were used to work that way.

  The first month went smoothly and I withdrew the agreed after which Dante Lynch offered increasing investment to buy gold and sent me an analysis that showed a gap right next to a peak. He reopened the buy position and the same day the minus erased everything that gold scored so far. After that incident with gold, I didn't ask the withdrawal because I wanted to be fair and make up for the unexpected lowering of my investment that mentioned earlier.

  Soon after that and around the time of the next withdrawal he suggested opening stock trade to get out of an extended minus in the account. However, that trade went 6k in minus and now the account was 80% in minus. I reckon that trades in minus are normal when the setup is well calculated that I never doubted, however, it was a time of my withdrawal and instead of some apologies I got an account in minus and no sign of guilt from his side.

When I complained and wanted to hear from, I never received an answer. But exactly a year after speaking with for the first time, I have 24k euro less, 14.5k being a true robbery. And 24k is A LOT OF MONEY.
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