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 Kristin and Kofi Essel of Third Crown 22-06-2021 
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Kristin and Kofi Essel of Third Crown

The designers behind Third Crown who are partners in life and work, could feasibly report a similar experience coming out of 2020. The contemporary costume jewelry brand formed in 2013 was named so as a reference to the “two creatives coming together to form a third entity.”

Like many during the pandemic, their online sales saw an uptick while the budding wholesale business hit a hump due to store closures. Just before the pandemic, the brand had switched manufacturers and the increased online traffic led to sold out styles as production also slowed. slot pg

Just as the pandemic started to ease slightly in New York, came the BLM protests in the wake of George Floyd’s public killing in the hands of the police. It was a tragic irony that propelled the business.

“The protests affected our business significantly. It was very bittersweet because a Black man should not have been killed by police violence for everyone to suddenly support Black-owned businesses and Black people in general,” said Kristin. “Third Crown was put on many lists of Black-owned businesses and jewelry brands to support, and we’ve gained a lot of recognition and customers from that.”

The higher demand has meant a need for increased inventory and new styles. The online increase helped them gain insight to their customer and what they needed to scale the business. But this also requires finding new ways to retain customers and increase marketing efforts. The height of the momentum came in June 2020 which has since declined. “However, it’s still higher than previous years before the pandemic and the BLM movement,” she said.

The next scalable moment will come with a new collection introducing semi-precious stones to the Third Crown assortment. As a self-funded business this is a bigger leap considering the investment into raw goods that is needed. The challenge isn’t lost on Essel. “Third Crown is a small independent self-funded fashion brand that like most Black-owned businesses doesn’t have easy access to investors and other forms of financing,” she notes. “At this point because of the past year, we need financing to scale our company. Funding would help us to hire a marketing team, additional employees, and create new products to help build and retain our brands community.” Recognizing Juneteenth should stand for social justice, and humanitarianism, but also reminder of commercial aspects of lifting a community.
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