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 Types of Custom Calendar 27-12-2021 
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Every New Year is filled with excitement. January 1, 2022 is likely to be the most joyous New Year in recent history. It’s the day we say goodbye to an awkward 2021 and hello to the hope of a better year. Most are emotionally ready to turn the page to a fresh, new one. Be actually prepared. Start by gathering essential tools and accessories to keep organized and focused. At the top of that list should be a personalized name calendar 2022.

Here are some common types of personalized monthly calendar 2022 from personalized candy wrappers I will to introduce to you. Get familiar with all the following custom printable calendar types in order to make the right choice for the year ahead.

Custom magnetic calendar
A custom magnetic calendar is usually postcard-size or smaller and shows an overview of all 12 months. It’s a useful addition for your home refrigerator or central bulletin board. Many businesses create these types of custom printable calendars to use for promotional giveaways or as employee appreciation gifts. They’re often very small. These do not provide space for adding comments or making notations. Because they’re magnetic, there are limitations on where these can be displayed.


Custom poster calendar
Poster calendars are an option for an overview of the year. The poster size leaves rooms for photos, background designs, quotes, family names, and other similar customizations. They’re also pretty easy to write on. Highlight or circle special dates, so they can be seen at a glance. However due to their large size, there are limitations on where these custom calendars can be usefully displayed. A poster size calendar covering a fridge may not be a viable option.

Custom desk calendar
A custom desk calendar literally sits on a desk or tabletop. It’s usually a tent design with multiple pages that can be flipped month-to-month. Each page offers a monthly overview. Some desk calendars spare room for a photo on every page. It depends on the size and shape of the calendar. Custom desk calendars are not recommended for those with limited desk space. Those with typically cluttered desks might consider other calendars that don’t add the mess.

Custom wall calendar
By far the most popular and widely chosen option is the custom wall calendar. These showcase one month per page. These flipbook-style calendars offer the most room for personalization. also lets you add a photo and/or caption to a particular date on the calendar.
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